Facets of Traffik

When the soul is lost
What does it matter
What happens to the body?

We plucked you from your 
Corrugated subway slumber.
Unmissed urchins.

Does it matter that the cell door is unlocked
When the spirit is imprisoned?

Work for me and I won’t kill you
Work for me and I’ll protect you
We made a deal, you signed the contract

The only contract worth signing
Is the one that cannot be written
Forever wordless, completely knowable

They go willingly into their crate,
Master says they like it there
Gives a feeling of safety.
Prisoners, dogs, monks, slaves,
Employees, pawns, you

Poets united


10 thoughts on “Facets of Traffik

    1. Nimi, I appreciate your reading and comment. National geographic had an article on poverty in america. There are those who complain about how walmart abuses their employees, how those underpaid employees can’t make ends meet, have no healthcare; and there are those who are picking fruit in the burning sun who would love to work there. I’m sure there are those who are struggling to make their Lexus payments. Or are beaten half to death once a month for not carrying rocks faster… Perspective indeed!


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