Where imperfection?

Water fills the ocean
Light fills the land
Culture fills my mind
As I sit in the Strand
These ideas are poured right in
Through open eyes ears and hand
And out my throat it spews in rote
It’s clear I’ve joined the band
Where everything is shiney, new
Out trash ain’t even broke
It’s just stuff that we outgrew
Even if I wanted there’s little choice to mend
The newer models out now
It’s got new features too
Never mind that old vow.
In this frantic rush to keep up
With the Joneses consumerism
How can the imperfection make
An impression on this dark prism?


9 thoughts on “Where imperfection?

  1. Where did my comment go? I was saying I love the rhyme of prism and consumerism, and that someone will pick up the discards at a thrift shop and Kintsugi them. Neat poem.


  2. Back in 1969 Vance Packard wrote a book about consumerism called the “Waste makers”. Sadly nearly fifty years later we have learned nothing from his warning to the whole world, absolutely nothing.


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