12 thoughts on “Mickey Mask

  1. “The one who wrote this cries.”
    Therein lies the power and the visceral feeling of this poem — with words like “painted plank” which to me, gives the essence of unyielding, hard. “blackened, burned, dried, scarred” — is this what is behind the masks this voice dons for others?
    A very powerful write. And the title gives a good counterpoint….we think of Micky Mouse and his costume, smiling…and then we shift to the text of the poem which is so very dark…and to me antithetical to what the mind reads “Micky Mouse” instead of Micky Mask.
    Well done!

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  2. blackened heart — and you think mean, cruel, hard — and then the end “the one who wrote this cries” and it flips the poem, because instead of cruel, the heart is hurt although yes there was a foreshadowing of the flip with “burned, dried, scarred”, the heart still seemed hard until the flip.


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