in the Hollow ‘tween the worlds

i am hollow, empty inside.
my meditation, a going-inside, approaching the ‘tween
stepping across the threshold,
and i am in, but keep hard by the wall
not moving into the center of that room

it is dark there. like a blind man i keep the wall behind me
it is brilliant there. i keep to the shade of the collonade
and do not move into the sunlight of the cloister

i long to approach that well
in the center of the church
and then, beyond approaching,
dive down into it

to take hold of the veil between worlds
and slide down like a great castles tapestries
to meet my father
to forgive my mother

to feel that lust, that pain
agony and anguish. Face that fear
with ferocity, and might, and scare it!
Accept the legacy, escape that legacy
to forgive my mother
and maybe, also, to forgive him…



19 thoughts on “in the Hollow ‘tween the worlds

  1. The space between life & death may not be a tidy way station; you put me in mind of limbo, chaos & regret. Though I do hope the specter succeeds, and completes the journey to beyond the veil.

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  2. Eric, your poem reminds me of the song ‘Hollow Inside’ by The Buzzcocks. I imagine this is what it must feel like, to discover that you are no longer living and nobody can see you. Very dark and chilling.

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