Spontaneous Song: by Bawa Muhaiyaddeen

The image for what can have no image
Is a baby, that is in all of us,
Creating the beauty we see.
I hold you
In my heart.
I rock and sing you to sleep
You are everywhere, in everyone.
A holy baby in all of us
That plays there
The beautiful one
Born, when we love.
The glowing child.
There is no one who does not fall in love with you,
You are a woman to a man
And a man to a woman
You’re the meaning that blooms in the heart
In this world of flowers
In the next world
You explain
From within love,
The form of grace in all of us.
Is there anyone not in love
With this great baby
inside the world?
The one creating all this beauty?
Everyone falls down weeping
When they see the form of this baby.
All the pleasure I need is to just look at this one
Inside my chest.
I have no more sadness, seeing that.
And things I thought I wanted
Drop away, as I rock you to sleep within myself
Baby of pure light
In a cradle here, inside me.
You sleep without sleeping
You cry without crying
Smile without smiling
Look without looking
Baby made of light
The state of love you are in
has compassion, justice, patience, integrity, balance, and strength
all these qualities!
I sing them to peacefulness,
Singing to you.
You are an ocean, an explanation,
A resonance.
You make love grow in us.
You are the baby who is our father.
You are the fruit that grows in the heart.
You’re god,
A tree that grows over the verses,
The compassionate heart within the mind,
Opening and opening again

This is a Spontaneous Song: by Bawa Muhaiyaddeen, as told by Coleman Barks

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