Sidewalk Squares

Sidewalk squares like a strip of graph paper
Lead along city streets with graphic violence paved
Above, alone, Graf zeppelin drones along
Sidewalk squares graph my route
That might look like a scrabble grid
(21points for Zeppelin)
Through the great grey concretions
Graffiti’d here and there like comic book cels
Punctuate the graphite gray of sidewalk squares
That fill this contrived geography.
And then, turning on the two thousand four hundred
Ninty-third square, (like always) there it is,
graphite-558069_1920like a polygraph
Plotting out the lying city, witnessing.
Looming large, looking out over it’s untravelled alley way
A vibrant splash, leviathan eye!  Illuminated from within,
Plays out it’s Graphic novel story
With all the colors that were long lost lost

Street View
Here are some other poets visions for this artwork:

15 thoughts on “Sidewalk Squares

  1. “And then, turning on the two thousand four hundred
    Ninty-third square, (like always) there it is, ”
    witnessing, looming large, that Leviathan eye….
    WOW! You’ve really done it here….and yes, I can see that. If one were to walk and peruse all the street art in an area — it could blend (sometimes jarringly so) into a graphic novel of sorts….
    Well done.
    I notice that the only thing that appears here is the “words” for the jpeg rather than the image itself. Can you try to cut and past the image again into your post here….it would be amazingly effective to see the image itself here rather than the link to it. Let me know if you need some assistance doing that.

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  2. Interesting take on the same artwork. As I was reading I was thinking of the hidden secrets of the city. Could a polygraph plot all the wrongdoings? The injustices and who will be a witness. Maybe, the locked door symbolizes darkness or it could be an opening to light? Just pondering..


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