Turn me on dead man

Where it’s at-tuned
To her at it tude
Die, old inn
Vie, oh Lynn
Warmly tuned
Platterer are round
Tie (1) on again
Re-cord, (k)not
Need(le) sound
In vain, the groove
The train

DVerse prompt to use ,groove, in a poem. So the records came to mind. The title is found by playing a certain part of a Beatles track backwards, said by some to be proof that Paul had passed on.

13 thoughts on “Turn me on dead man

  1. Oh what a great take on the prompt! Turn me on dead man….did not kow the story about turning part of the Beatles track backwards. So much more than just the original beat to so many songs of that period in time!
    Your last words “The train” — nothing to do with your post here but they remind me of that jazz song Takin’ the El Train 🙂
    So glad you posted! Will have to read up on this Beatles legend. 🙂

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    1. My cousin, a bit older than me, was quite into the Beatles. He was too young for that i dont know what did it for him then. But I wanted to be like him, so I learned about them too…


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