Instant relish

Poised for months on the end of a branch
A tight packed whorl of notyet leaves
Bundled in buds that may yet unfurl
Slowly, so slowly
As if each instant was relished
Savory, so slowly
This is a song where the shorter notes
Are three days long
And contain the blooming of palms
When the newborn fist first opens, then grasps
Patience, dear one.  All will come, and pass


10 thoughts on “Instant relish

  1. I find your words incredibly beautiful and incredible moving.
    After reading several times – and I could read forever – I find myself a tad emotional.
    Thank you.
    Anna :o]

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    1. Published too soon *sigh*. I meant to add, “a dance in slow motion”. As is life is happening just the way it should, except when it comes to the most precious moments, those moments slow down so that we can see and experience them more fully.

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  2. Love the parallels of branches and leaves with fists and palms. Your poem makes me think of Roethke’s villanelle: “I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow.” Beautiful!


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