The body eclectic

Oh the forms of human fleshy bits!
Myriad colors shapes and sizes
These soul-worn human suits
Come in so many guises

Some lean, some tall
Some fat, some small
Different variations
Of less, or more

And those of us who even more so
There’s a guy with fourteen toes
A girl with no arms at all
We make our ways, we comes and goes

Some play and bend, push and shape
Or wear high pointy shoes, and a cape
Each with a soul behind the wheel
Of these earthy meaty rides

Some where along the way
The fun thins out, we cease to play
And forget the flesh for a while
And often frown more than smile

But before long with that kind of tone
The muscles sinews joints and bone
With aches and pains will remind
The wandering mind of erstat home

So if two fine hams 
have caught your eye
Go sing that song, don’t be shy
Come, explore, enjoy

Poets united


12 thoughts on “The body eclectic

  1. This is beautifully thought-provoking, Eric! I believe we should be grateful and appreciate being in good health 🙂 who knows how much longer youth will prevail.

    Liked by 1 person

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