A summers day

Dearest Will, you are the summers day
And rough your wordy wind does blow
This months darling bud does tremble and swoon
But your lusty lease is up too soon
You’ll be sniffing other blooms come June
You are oft too hot, with burning eye
Then behind cold clouds do lie
By chance or whim your favors weather
Does rouse tempests, or suddenly dissapate
In your passion you’ll plant your seed
Then leave my heart in winters need


prompt:  Response poem.  from dVerse poets response-poetry and also Imaginary Gardens play-tennis-with-a-ghost

So this is my blundering and unpolished response to Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day


9 thoughts on “A summers day

  1. Ah, she’s got his measure! LOL.

    I had some thoughts of responding to this one myself; glad I decided not to. You’ve aced it.


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