Email fatigue

The email service has a new algorithm, Or protocol or something.  New security.  This has outpaced my devices, so it Keeps locking my account. This
Has got to stop.  I didn’t want a new phone Every two years, when they were *only* two hundred dollars!  The new ones Are a thousand.  The sheeple keep shelling Out, deeper in debt.  Not enough to eat
Not enough to save.  But they got that New phone, that won’t be paid off before it’s obsolete. Like every generation before me, I will get fed up, opt out.

Send me your words in
A letter, If you can find
A pen that still works


15 thoughts on “Email fatigue

  1. I dimly remember the excitement of trips to the mailbox and finding letters there instead of advertisements and catalogs! Ah, those were the days……

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  2. So sad you do not have anyone to send letters to or to receive. I know handwriting is a lost art but still. I don’t know what you are doing to your email but I have had the same email address for 5 years and it still works (being upgraded of course as things change). I remember how exciting it was to get a postcard from a friend, those ages ago. The picture where they were with the…wish you were here…handwritten on the back by the person. Such magic.

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    1. Me too. I’ve got a niece and nephew on the other side of the continent… But it seems to me that the ballpoint pens don’t write so smooth anymore either. And some schools don’t teach cursive…


  3. I’m with you on this, Eric! I have had problems with email and now have three different email address, also to avoid spam! I agree about phones, too. I’m not one of those sheeple! I still love to receive handwritten letters, notelets, postcards, many of which I have kept. Let’s hope they keep making pens that last – although you’re right about them not writing as smoothly.


  4. Phones are too expensive. I hope you find a workaround for the problem. I usually keep my phone until it breaks and then buy a model that is not the most current figuring I can’t use all those features anyway.


  5. I have a very basic mobile (cell) phone which texts, tells the time and not much else bar actual phoning – and I don’t want anything else. I never text, barely use it as a phone (and few have its number), mainly using it as a gentle alarm clock.
    I prefer to talk to people in person or on the landline. I guess I would love it if someone actually wrote me a letter and sent it to me – but must admit I don’t write them myself, instead emailing…
    Anna :o]

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  6. Note card businesses are finished, Sticum notes are their best sellers now. eTechnology has replaced the notes. I like the eNote that can be erased after it’s sent, Facebook’s my favorite.

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