4 poems

The prompt today at the D’Verse Poetry Pub is to write a poem based on one of four artworks by artist Catrin Welz-SteinI had not heard of her before, but the images are fantastic.   Surrealisim too often seems to be weird for weirdness sake, but these seem to have a deeper meaning, an insight into the wordless truth that all artist in some way try to represent.  Equally compelling is the range of interpretation that different poets bring to these images.  Below each picture is my four-line poem, and beneath that are links to other poets who have written off that image.  I hope you enjoy.


1.  catrin-welz-stein-tuttart-castlehat

I’ll keep my dreams
Of castles and walled gardens
A fine nest for princess me
The finch thinks it’s cheap

Other Poets interpret this image:

Lillian lillian the home poet
Vivian Zems Smell the Coffee
Frank Hubeny frank hubeny
Jane Dougherty janedougherty
Carol Forrester carol j forrester
Linda Luna Dark Side of the Luna
De Jackson Whimsy gizmo
Margaret Bednar margaret bednar
Truedessa true wanderings
Sascha Darlington sascha darlington
Rosemawrites areadingwritr
Sarah Connor fmmewritespoems
Susie Clevenger confessionsofalaundrygoddess




On a skiff
Black cat dreaming stars
On a whiff
Of Pachyderm exhaust

Other Poets Interpret this Image:

Annell somethingsithinkabout
Misky foundlines.wordpress.com
Candy rhymeswithbug
Lillian lillianthehomepoet
Sarah McNulty purplepeninportland
Lynn madhatterpoetry

3. catrin-welz-stein-teacup

children playing house
Called quick for dinner
Left a feast for the Fay
Who got deep in their cups

Other Poets Interpret this Image:

Kim M Russell writinginnorthnorfolk
Dwight Roth rothpoetry
Frank Tassone frankjtassone
Mary mehflowers
Walter Marks waltermarks
Lady Lee Manila ladyleemanilablog

4. Catrin Welz-Stein Tutt'Art@

The key to unlock the towered mind
Held close to the heart you’ll find
Let in the butterflies
Start to grow wise

Other Poets Interpret this Image:

Bjorn Rudberg brudberg
Glenn Buttkus bibliosity
Revived Writer revivedwriter
Walter Marks waltermarks


Images by artist Catrin Welz-Stein

DVerse prompt
* a keep is a type of castle
* in ones cups was an expression meaning drunk.

53 thoughts on “4 poems

  1. Wow! These are great, Eric. This line made me smile:
    “On a whiff
    Of Pachyderm exhaust”

    And this post must have taken AGES…the collecting and offering of other’s poems. A labor of love. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. very clever interpretation with so few words, each one so precise! i admire your creativity with the prompt! i loved them all too and was even more inspired when i went to visit her site, she’s very talented.


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