Word up

Looking for the perfect word
Dredging dictionaries
Sounding vowels, vows, ells lengths
Reaching out wound around ow, wounds.

The word is surely not heard here

Sinking, drowning, going down, deep
Black water pond in the heart of
The forest of no return, the center
Beyond the tomb, before the womb
Through zits and boobs and skinny, weak,
Ungainly limbs, sobbing, lack
Dark, still, pitch, black.

The word is not in another mans ear

Further back.  Before the boat
Before the towering, before the fig leaf
Before the souring.  Before the garden,
Before the flowering.  Deeper still than space.
Behind the meat, behind the mote
Behind the molecule, behind the atom

The word cannot be held too dear

Around the wind the larynx grips
Sings only with resistance
The longing lamentation of the reed pipe flute
Cough and sputter, held and let loose

The word cannot be sung too clear

The perfect tone,
to sing me home
Bring me down
into the drone
I’d surely feel it
in my bone

The word, now, is surely near


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