Oneday morning

Day 5 of GloPoWriMo, global poetry writing month.  An intriguing prompt today.  Pick a photograph and a poem in a language you don’t know.  As if the poem was about that photo, write what might be a translation.  it was a balancing act, so this photograph seemed appropriate.  I used a poem in Swedish from a fellow glopowrimo which you can find here:  Onsdag morgon  I did not actually translate it until after this exercise, so my apologies Ileea!

it’s 1932, 11 men
done with saltpeter
the foundations down
to solid bedrock

now the skeleton
is growing tall
up with my brothers we sit here

paper juiceboxes
sandwiches of ham

pass a cigarette says the man again
one day, maybe tomorrow, he’ll remember
and bring his own up the ladder

the last man on the end
named Felix
brings his favorite book

it’s beneath the rest, to read
here before the floor


GloPoWriMo day 5

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