blundering brobdingnagian monsters
whose hairs are thicker than here to pluto
put me here
17 mile circuit zipping along C
the farthest parts of me are ten^27th times
the size of my inmost fermion
my mates are going the other way
the brutes wait…


20180409 – Hitting three prompts in one poem today:

Imaginary Garden – Waiting for…

d’Verse Poets Quadrille #52 – Zip it!

Glopwrimo Day 9. Size

21 thoughts on “LHC

  1. LHC is the large hadron collider in Europe.  It’s circumference is 17 miles.  
    C is the speed of light, which particles in the collider approach but do not reach.
    Pluto is up to 7.5 billion km from earth
    The nucleus of an atom is about 10-5 (or 1/100,000) of the size of the whole atom. A good comparison of the nucleus to the atom is like a pea in the middle of a racetrack. So I’m way off on that one.  
    Fermion https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fermion

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  2. I rather like the mystery in this poem, or rather I like that there are things that I don’t really understand but I can comprehend in context. From brobdingnagian to inmost fermion, there is a frenetic energy in the wording that I admire. At the end of the day, it boils down to the fact that the narrator is about to jump off toward certain danger/adventure and his friends are not. Huzzah and well done!

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  3. Terrific play with these ridiculous concepts – I always smile at press conferences where science folk try to explain to the average bear what’s so significant about…well the thing they’ll get a Nobel prize for… Brobingnanian brutes indeed.

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    1. i’m acutally quite pro science. However it is an amuzing bit of human nature, that even here among the most civilized, brainy and refined human beings, the only way they can figure these things out is to break them. Like Thag banging rocks together…

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