Versions in several introspective ordered nests

What would I bring to the moon?
He throws two glass eyes onto the table
They roll about a bit and come to rest
Lying there, looking at me.
The hawk still has his hood on
His focus is diffuse.
The fox nose his prey in a different way.
The room looks the same whether it is
Full of air or vacuum.  There is a common thread
In here but I can’t see it. I almost
Caught a glimpse of it, just there,
But it is gone again.  The tall grasses
Sway above unmoved fields, ripening
Grain on hilly vistas.  She is about to become
A person of interest.  The tech puts you
On the table.  Your story is a good one
But the X-ray sees right through



9 thoughts on “Versions in several introspective ordered nests

  1. I wonder if the eyes and the narrator end up on the same table? An astonishing poem full of wonderful imagery and misdirection. I’m trying to decide if it matters whether or not we have a common thread. Neat.

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