Family story

and then there was the time that
your mom went to the bicycle shop
that’s where she met your father

but you know they were young
and free love was in the air
the world was vibrant and alive

but they weren’t married
they couldn’t keep you, care for you
raise you the way you deserved

diana ross didn’t want no love child
but i had this story, see?
that’s what i wanted to be

so we pretended
and that worked
that story kept me whole

and then there was the time that
he came over to her dorm
and had his way with her

after, he put his coat around her
picked the leaves out of her hair
but she was in a nightmare


20180417 napowrimo

18 thoughts on “Family story

  1. What I like about the style of storytelling you have used it that the narrative begins somewhere in the middle, and leaves the reader to wonder what happened next.

    Liked by 1 person

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