Space race

Glopowrimo offers a prompt that is just rolling me over in vats of words that are sticking together in new ways?  This is terribly exciting.
For this one i used

This white space:

is only big enough to hold:
a single heartbeat
a noiseless feather falling
a single careless word
and the weight of million pillows
suffocating from regret.

With the prompt, respond to each line in turn, starting with the last one, and working my way up, this is what I came up with:

Coulda shoulda woulda relentlessly pounding
Stifling under a down mountain
There is only one word left we haven’t spoken
Hits the ground like spaceships colliding, silently
Pushing our lifeblood through ever narrowing vessels
Whose ballasted bellies float upright

Who is to say space is black?


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