The sound of an unquiet mind

My fantasies start at her toes
And range far and wide
True this happened in small steps
Each seeming harmless in breadth
Or scope.  But now this land scape
Escaped me, and strange indeed
Are these surroundings.
The sounds in which my mind
Does drown are I fear
Are not the ones that come in my ear
I’m bound by the voice 
Called I, without choice
It rebounds within 
Builds a crushing din
Mounting internal words
Guilt and shame growing unheard
Hounding torment ensues
Until there is naught left to lose
Binding, forcing, molding,
The ground is coming fast
Hurry, please this cannot last
The hounds are hunting
Coffin’s hung with bunting
Preys pounding heart is thumping
Soon the sound of screaming suddenly


13 thoughts on “The sound of an unquiet mind

  1. I can feel the tension as it mounts in this poem. The seemingly small negative thought birthing into disaster.And then the abrupt stop, what has happened? I shudder to think. Well done!

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  2. Your opening line led my mind in one direction, but your poem turned a lot darker than expected. Your skillful use of rhyme increases the pace until the final tormented line.

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