I stole her eyes

Some would say
I looked like my mother
And she and i would share
A knowing smile, and thank 
Them for the compliment,
Not mention the adoption

Then came that day
I met the woman who bore me
Forty years ago, or so
She looked at me with my eyes
Saw right through 
All my awkward stories
She gave me another gift that day
I see myself with new eyes


21 thoughts on “I stole her eyes

  1. That’s something we tend to overlook, that adopted children, although they pick up certain traits or habits from their adoptive parents, don’t share genes. While some children don’t get to meet their birth parents, you were lucky to not only meet your mother but also to see both her and yourself with new eyes. Did you stay in contact, Eric?

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  2. What a beautiful story.

    “Saw right through
    All my awkward stories” … I love that.

    If you’re looking for it, you can probably see a resemblance between any two people, so it was nice of you and your mom to be gracious to those complimenting your look-alike-edness. 🙂

    I look just like my husband’s first wife. When we run into people he hasn’t seen in years, they think I’m her, and I just smile and pretend that I am. It’s cute. People just want to connect with each other, know each other, understand … even if what they understand isn’t exactly right-on.

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