Dis Utopia

now that everything is easy
food is plentiful, we don’t even
need to push a button anymore
every fact instantly at hand
plenty abounds!

(and yet there’s something lurking)

but oh, those moments that led us here!
no wonder! or rather, all the wonder!!
the excitement of something truly new
a spontaneous creating vibration
just look around, this magnificence
is nothing compared to the energy
that created it!

this world is a warehouse full
of tens of thousands of all different types
of containers, boxes, crates, parcels
each one empty

or full, but only of promise

With that promise we make more containers
and try them on like high fashion we
cannot actually afford, but in the moment
delight in the colors, shapes, textures
each container is a brick, with which we build
forts, castles, palaces! fantastic rooms
endless libraries, lavish tombs.
laughing, reach for the next one!



18 thoughts on “Dis Utopia

  1. If this was a play, I would spend a lot of time studying the character (or, perhaps it would be a chorus) that speaks the second stanza. There is a world of uncanniness oozing out of that line, one that could mean death (all right, not “could” about it) if ignored. All those shiny things–clothes, castles, smiles, tombs… are so bright that they can hide the monster’s teeth and hunger.

    This is fantastic (and timely) from title to (slightly mad ending) laughter.

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