Ruthie’s Big Caper

Henry was a bit of a butterfingers,
But he had a way with safes
Ruthie had a way with words.
They danced the charlston,
Chewed the fat
There’s mounds of diamonds
In the vault, down on 5th avenue,
Whaddaya say, baby Ruth?
Let’s krackel that safe,
It’s a big pay day

Oh, Henry, now you’re talkin,
That’s my kind of play
With chuckles and snickers
They planned their getaway


5 thoughts on “Ruthie’s Big Caper

  1. oh wow, I read the poems today a day after I turned mine in — you and I sure thought alike, lol, except mine was a Tanka heist. I had a line about Baby Ruth too but she ended up on the cutting floor. I enjoyed reading your crime poem.

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