All the feels

I spent far too long trying to stifle certain emotions. This is a futile effort. Emotions are an all or nothing thing, you don’t get a tray in the cafeteria, you can’t pick what you want. It’s all or numb.

I say to you,
Feel.  Let joy sweep you out to sea in it’s riptide
Let anguish rack you and shake you like earthquakes
Sobbing at the death of the moon
Relish the uncertainty playing ping pong inside you
Before you let go of the edge of the pool the first time
Let anger burn in your belly, feel it’s tension mounting.
these are gifts and guidance, lessons, let them in
Then let them go, each in turn,


10 thoughts on “All the feels

  1. Excellent lessons expressed so beautifully and to the point! I think it is emotional evolution when we learn to feel all emotions….even if for awhile. This has to be one of my favourite poems that you have written, erbiage. Thanks for joining in.

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