I pretend that I am free

Striving to keep
This demonic imp
Bottled up in a jar
Oft he will leak out
Leering creepily

Some who attract his attention
Most would agree, at least, superficially
But plenty are more puzzling

There is so much beauty out there
And so many ways of appreciating it

This way is small, and ultimately empty

And yet I am blinded to her true radiance
By her breasts, her butt or her earlobes

To touch, to smell, to taste her skin
Massage her muscles, wash her foot
Thrust my hands into her long thick hair

Desire untrimmed, she lets me, and loves it
(note how, even here, I’m still hiding)
Delighting in her body, I’ll say it’s this, or that
But when that lust freely flows, the love
Bonds beneath that grows

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