Wabbit Season(ing)

What’s the point of speaking of seasons here in a land where our commuter pods are kept in special chambers, attached to the climate controlled dwelling, so you can get safely inside before the gate to the outside would opens, by the push of a button?  Where stores are all connected inside the mall, and office buildings with windows that cannot open?  There’s a handful of mexicans (Guatemala? Columbia? Whatever) that trim the grass, like radiation-resistant goats.

Can love get in, when
This chicken’s raised in factories?
meh, pass the pepper



17 thoughts on “Wabbit Season(ing)

  1. I love it! And not just because of the Fudd thing (although check out my post entitled Wascally on the 23rd). How can wego kigo when wego nowhere outside? Our seasons are LED, fluorescent, AC and heat. Your haibun is perfect for that part of the world… er… all of the world!

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    1. Across from my house there is a newer street of McMansions, and it’s like that. I’ll never understand. Today was so beautiful, in the sun, with the breeze booing my hair, feet in the mud…

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  2. Ah the insulation, literally, of modernity —- and yet I take heart in our recent visit to an REI store (although it had no windows that open) and the crowds in there buying tents, sleeping bags etc…..although there is something to the “modern” day camper doing the corporate buying of things to make the modern campsite….well….modern 😦

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