To woo lady liberty

Dear lady,
Oft I stand upon this industrial pier
When my shackles do weigh me down
Implore you to turn copper’d ear
Wrap me in the folds of your gown
For am I not your child?
Yet you’ve turned your back on me

The light of your torch shines on
Or have I merely fallen behind?
When on my sullen face your light did fall
In that moment I took a vow
To woo you for my wife, and come round
To see dawns early light upon your face
And with you, welcome the trodden down.

With this dream now inside me
My bonds did chafe all the more
As I strained my heart to open wide
and fight against oppressors tide
Still it is your cold back I see

Oh sweet angel, what will win
Your precious favor?  Release
These men from masters chain?
These sisters from husbands heel?
how can I, so small, hold you?

So I leave this pier again
To the factory I give my labor
Then sup and sleep in railroad house
Squeezed between my neighbors

Each day a nightmare seems
Of sweat and grease and toil
Each night there in my dreams
You, light, air, water, soil

Still i fight, in heart and mind
And as the months and years grind on
Work piles on, falling further behind
Canned beans are what I’m living on
That dream of you I come to find
Has become yet another bond.

Upon a tear-damp’t pillow I lay
In the dark, alone, i pray
Calling out with longing
Searching for some belonging

I give up!
I surrender!
I can fight no more
It only fueled my anger there
And kept my tied fists sore

And there in that bleak dispair
When my heart bled out all it’s tears
Within me the world conspired
To engulf me in my fears

Twas then I lay me at your feet
I give up, give in, you win
Then, then, you scooped me up
And shed my mask of tin

I could see my bonds for what they were
And Knew now why the caged bird sing
These then were my own, in my grasp
I can begin

Now I know the reason so
And grow into my season
Now my strength begins to show
SelfLove is the reason

My dear, when I needed you most
That desperation was the chain
That I picked up and put upon myself
That’s what strove the two between

Your gentle patience has such power
You temper my internal fire
I have built your starry island
And raised you up a mighty platform

Together my love with beacon bright
With hearts aglow we model the way
with giving and receiving with grace
With uplifting support, each other we strengthen
With love, find joy, at every station



6 thoughts on “To woo lady liberty

  1. Wow! You remind me of the ups and downs of our journeys and dreams. I know some chains are more real than self-inflicted ones, but also know we have the power to assist each other to better lives. At times that’s just a hand up, at others it’s revolution.

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  2. Not sure, if I have the proper words to describe this poem before me, except your poem moved me, in ways that leaves me, in tears. Leaving me, to ponder, how a simple thing can be liberating to some people and to others, the heaviest chains that we can carry upon soul.

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