Musings on Toril Fisher

With real toads prompted the writing today with works by artist Toril Fisher. There are elements of Louis Tiffany, and van gogh in the work. Three of the selections were of particular interest.  Often with ekphrastic prompts, I am unable to post the artwork from my aging tablet, so this was up for a few days without the images.  So this begs the question, can the poems have value when not presented with the art? Let me know what you think.

#Musings on Toril Fisher1_257303167056740352_nA sea
A sky
A line
Where blue meets blue
My eye
Along the gunwale
My body
My armor
My vessel

#Musings on Toril Fisher_Crow_2942837189500731392_oPoised as if to strike down
Stab the heart of me
Centered around the eye
Of Odin, the fletching ripples
Radiates outward
Like the mind
Turning behind

#Musings on Toril Fisher_elk__2123572935628117018_oWritten in elk horn
The lives of the forest
The drama of the slopes
The hunter

#Musings on Toril Fisher_barn__6350435813758599168_oBeyond behind the old barn
Which has not smelled the breath of beast
For generations, generated there
The fence wire not yet eaten through
By rust neglect decay
Weedy shrubs, saved from the mower
And the lack of hungry lips
Leap over the wire like stallions
On the endless loam
Or stand in thoughtful repose
Each equally immobile


Here is the prompt, with the artwork

Here is the Artist’s facebook page



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