Something to be scratched

Switchback ditches bewitch hitchhikers.
Switchyard unhitching minecarts of pitchblende.
Switchgrass and eldrich witchweed pitchforkpiled
Bitchy pitchwoman bewitched, then switcheroo
Ditchdigger Ritchard’s hemstitched britches
Switchboard chitchatters stitching in kitchenettes outbitching each other
Pitcherfuls of kitchenware’s glitchy microswitches

Falling short of the Quadrille prompt at dVerse

19 thoughts on “Something to be scratched

  1. Hah! LOTS of ichin’ goin’ on here!
    “Switchboard chitchatters stitching in kitchenettes outbitching each other” This line reminds me of our early 1970s living in Marengo, Iowa….it was the last area in the U.S. to still have only 5-digit phone numbers! No exchange on them. So for example, instead of DE6-3754 it was only 63754. My parents calling us from Chicago, could only use an operator to connect them to us!
    And we still had party lines. The rural trick practiced by many of those “kitchenettes” was to set the clunky landline rotary phone on top of two tinfoil pie plates: the first pieplate upside down on the table, the second right-side up, balancing on the upside down one. Then when the phone rang in someone else’s house, who was on your party line, it would jiggle the pieplates and you could pick up quietly and listen! All true! 🙂 Thanks for the memories!

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    1. Lol wow that’s great Lillian! I’ve heard of those Things but never experienced it myself. Exchange! Here in New Jersey We were the first ones to have the area code is 201. Of course now we’re on our third area code and we haven’t moved! LOL

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  2. When reading this aloud, I recommend trilling out a long musical note at “switcheroooooooo” 🎵🎶🎵
    This allows the itch-phoneme-associated neuromuscular junctions to recalibrate preparing you to be able to finish the Quadril.
    This was fun 🙂

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