An apple a day doesn’t fall far from the tree
But once a week or so one makes a significant leap

Clarity begins at home

If you can’t beat them, try again

I’ll take my tea in the desert.
It never rains, but it pours

Mind what you think to yourself
When drifting off, those thoughts will sink in overnight
Look before you sleep

A maniac is known by the company he keeps
Locked away in the cellar

Jokes make the merry go round

Nothing ventured, nothing sprained

Possession is nine Tenths of the lav


11 thoughts on “Antiverbs

  1. You’ve set me up for the day, Eric! I’ll be chortling in the library at ‘Clarity begins at home’;’I’ll take my tea in the desert. / It never rains, but it pours’ and ‘Nothing ventured, nothing sprained’.

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  2. For Bouncing Apples
    Lay more
    Seeds Home
    of Clarity spreads
    More Love Once
    Beaten Once Loved
    When it Rains it Pours
    Out Tea PartieS iN
    ScaRCiTies too
    Clear the
    Night Dancing all Day Singing
    Cellar Apples Holding more Seed
    Merry Jokes Underneath Above
    Spraining mY VenTure
    This is Ninety
    Percent More oF ‘ForE’..;)

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  3. “Jokes make the merry go round.” BEST one ever! 🙂
    I went very far left field with the prompt and obscured the adages into a portrait — a stitch in time saves nine and a penny for your thoughts….obscured and changed. But — I LOVE LOVE these! Wish I’d gone this rounte instead. Ah well……..

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