So that is the state of things now, is it?
You called me.  You wanted me to go.
But did you ask me?  No.
Did you, knowing me, tell me why
How it would work for me, specifically?
No.  You could have, you know.
Bring up my relationship with my father
Speak in your lovingway your knowingway
Of my worry, my fear, my helplessness, there
And speak personally to me, dear.
But no, you sounded like Hemingway
On a used car lot, pushing, pitching.
It’s not that you had a bad intention
But you could tell it wouldn’t work
And you laid it on me, anyway. 
By this betrayal, you cemented
Not only my coming saudade for my dad
But made some for yourself as well

For the prompt at Real Toads, and also shared for Open Link Night in the ‘pub


17 thoughts on “Saudade

  1. Oh to know that grenze between holding and grasping, so difficult to discern, much less than fine line. This is so well done, who is alive enough to posit Hemingway antithetically with lovingway – knowingway? Mr. Erb. (clever, painful, and sweet!)

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