Hard to be mindful about an iphone

This infernal machine
Tracking my every move
Every interest, every word to every friend or foe
A marvel, really
A piece of glass that responds to my touch
Miniscule screws, Microprocessors, radio waves
Instant access to anyone! to anything known!
From a cellar, a car, the woods!
no wonder we sacrifice so much,
Dazzled as we are by it’s wonders.
Intoxicated by it’s deceptions.

A thought experiment:
Premise: Alone in nature with nothing.
Question:  how long will it take to develop enough tech to send an email?
Answer: well, you’d have to get enough of a food supply that you survive, then get that efficient enough that you have time to engage in mining, smelting copper, build a turbine to make electr…
Me:  a month.  I can do it within a month, tops.  Nowhere in the world am I so remote that I wouldn’t be able to find a human, kill them, take their phone and send the email.


8 thoughts on “Hard to be mindful about an iphone

  1. I enjoyed your take on the prompt, Eric. I am not a fan of mobile phones and only use it when I am away from home. I agree that that it is a marvel but humans are over-reliant on gadgets. The second stanza made me chuckle.


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