Before getting lost in the sea

   The shy person, avoiding praise.  Willing to work, and shine, within the crowd.  Whose thriving skill and focus falters and dissipates in the spotlight.  Embarrassed stars hiding behind cloud-curtains.
   The raindrop, having let go of the ocean and fallen to the sky, hitched to clouds like a ship to it’s sails, ranging across continents.  Finally letting go of even that, splattering across the earth, a rock, building, tree or a car, slamming into then dripping off, sinking into the ground or running along, gathering into streams then rivers, and at last discharged, diffused, dispersed into the sea.

Clinging desperately to the rocks and pebbles of my past
Alluvial manifestations of my inner demons, self-doubting sand
Make up the beach, my last gift to the land


5 thoughts on “Before getting lost in the sea

  1. The raindrop letting go of the ocean and falling to the sky is wonderful! And the whole run of images and language, you created a wonderful whirl of the particular in the many. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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