How did I get here?
The first thirty levels were nothing
Child’s play
(level up)
It’s a miracle I made it
Through the boredom
And simplicity
(level up)
I felt smarter than the game maker
My points and perks
Kept piling up
(level up)
It wasn’t till level 607
That it got hard enough to be interesting
Though the bosses still fell
(level up)
At 739 it’s getting
Harder to climb
Is there no endgame?
(level up)

9 thoughts on “Gamey

  1. You express the addiction (level up) to game playing that Sarah discusses in her prompt but I don’t see any of the game names she lists within your poem?? Or am I just missing them? We’re supposed to include / “wrangle” in three game names in our poem. That’s the key instruction of the prompt.
    But again, maybe I’m just not seeing them?


    1. Lillian, you are correct. I do chafe at rules, I had enough trouble trying to write about video games at all. Usually it’s Tony that calls me out, thank you for filling in. LOL. I’ll write another one to make up for it. Thanks again!

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