Another Dog

Tonight another Dog is in my den
Another gator in my fen
I must behave a certain way, but
Another hog is in my pen

These words are another dance
Billowing caftan over white legged pants
A dervish twirling circumscribing
My heart pricked by my own lance

Beating around the bushes here
Circling around, drawing near
But avoiding the black fist gripped center
Where dwells my darkest fear

It’s cracked, my uncaring veneer
A safety net I schlepped for years
A bed of nails, blanket of bee-sting tails
Sinking in a sea of tears

tonight another dog is in my den
There is food enough and water too
Another Now is in my when
A brighter ink is in my pen


3 thoughts on “Another Dog

  1. I love this, Eric. It reminds me of when i was young and protected my heart by freezing my emotions. When they started to melt, oh, it hurt. I love the closing lines, with the brightness in your pen. Lovely to see you in the Pantry, kiddo.


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