Dear Woman,
Can I do anything but beg your forgiveness?
For being oblivious to your attention
For not letting you in
For being terrified of you
For not sharing the pain
Of that emotional wall you
Build between us, when I
Was still inside
For not opening my heart
More, more. More.

6 thoughts on “International

  1. I so understand, when one has been hurt to the soul, how terrifying love is, how we fear it, and how we realize, sometimes too late, how we have not let it in for fear of more pain. The story of my life, actually. But you are young and can change your story………..and I can tell you want to open your heart………you know who taught me to open mine and how to truly love? A big black wolf. I love this poem – it is vulnerable and self-aware. Bravo.


  2. Oh my aching heart .. ❤️ it’s not really so much a matter of forgiveness once a person has realized it and is ready to let love in 🙂 Gorgeous write.


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