seen with almond eyes

Vincent_van_Gogh_-_Almond_blossom_-_Google_Art_Projecthere then are the thoughts:
prowling tigers
scarred stumps
wrinkled caterpillarlimbs
ideas and defences branch
a garden of forking paths
the crane lifts her yellow bill
in the parts that seem least sane
burst forth beautiful
surprising surmising enticing
other than these bright twigs
it’s all blues. so i’ll paint
these peachy petals
the geckos flower feet stick
to the glass
the story told here may come to pass
the empty petals are the beauty of it


subtitle: Scene with almondize

ekphrastic interpretations of a madmans visions, trees, always trees…

Poets Untied

17 thoughts on “seen with almond eyes

  1. I enjoyed your ekphrastic interpretations of a madman’s visions, Eric. I think Vincent was bi-polar, and this poem suggests that too. I love the way that, through a seemingly random stream of consciousness, there burst these thoughts:
    ‘it’s all blues. so i’ll paint
    these peachy petals’.

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