walkabout – town

we walked this sidewalk
perhaps six thousand times
picking up roadside flotsam
or the stray-lost dime

watched as the flowers flew
from forsythia to azalea
and rhododendron, annual turning,
shrubby heads in spring’s regalia

tripping on root-raised flagstone slabs
as we walked he’d often joke
or teach about each passing tree
Hornbeam, locust, plane and oak

watching neighbors come and going
Mr Murray and his ’41 chevy
Laundry day for Clara Barton
the green grass down by the levee

still i walk along that same route
in rainy soak or sunshine
circumnavigate whole town blocks
then home for dinner, just in time


dVerse Poetics: On Wandering & Observing

7 thoughts on “walkabout – town

  1. What a lovely walk to take with you. I envisaged a small boy with his grandfather, and then a man taking the walk alone – but I could be way off, and maybe I’m bringing my own childhood memories to this.

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  2. Such a wonderful walk with the setup and its details painting a clear picture of its many sights — the familiarity adds into the feeling of comfort, remembering all the times you have done it before. A lovely verse!

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