If it’s darkness we are having

and it is. thick like porridge
flowing so slowly like ancient window glass
its velvet blackness wiping up all the light
that was spilled across the bar last night
its how the blind might imagine grass
you might be tempted
to sketch an elvis
across this unsun sky
that graffitti is not what we mean, here
just wait
let your eyes adjust
a futile effort that
as the pupils go wide
like a schoolbell recess ringing
stars and streetlights die
the moon winks out too
this is cave bottom dead flashlight territory
a ladle in the deepest tureen
when your mind finally gives up
the idea of seeing,
only then is revealed
the extravagance of being


dVerse where we are prompted to use the line from Jane Kenyon “If it’s darkness we are having let it be extravagant.”  I’m reminded of this material:  Vantablack and this song:  Darkness by The Police:

I could make the mark if it weren’t so dark
I could be replaced by any bright spark
But darkness makes me fumble
For a key
To a door
That’s wide open

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