The fifth state

Caught In That logic trap
Where I speak of the ineffable,
And think that that Means Something.
This is the same flaw that is in every
They are compasses at the poles,
Like all entities, Hinting at something
Beyond themselves. True or false?
Some add both, neither. Or can you
Imagine a fifth state? That is the land
Where I come from. Even now, here,
I can feel an echo of that.
Like a memory of a word I heard
As an infant, before language.
Grasp, Mind!
But this straw will not sustain you
Not in any way you can imagine



16 thoughts on “The fifth state

  1. Oh, how we go on and on about the ineffable thinking we have a handle on all that exists. Logic… the downfall of Adam and Eve.
    Still I like the idea of that fifth dimension that takes us beyond…
    Well done.

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  2. You and I may have different opinions on just what that Fifth State is but I believe it lies beyond this physical plane of existence but some can sense it and pick up on those echoes.
    Gayle ~

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