The first one was dubious, uncertain. It was a new place, a new space with a new family. In fact, that there were other people at all was really kind of weird. I mean after all the place I came from us homogenous. Look at this mess.

So I had to roll with it, like you do. There’s a lot of spinning around until you get back to that sign post, that’s how you know you’ve made it all the way around.

They add up though. Some we hang things on like driving or drinking. We think that the tens, and 25th somehow mean more than the others. DAd is done with the whole mess, my niece is only eight into it…

. Hooray! It’s Me day!

Birthdays are great when you forget

About the number


For the prompt haibun Monday at

11 thoughts on “Signpost

  1. Birthdays can be confusing, disappointing, sad, as well as happy and fun, some more than others. From your first paragraph, I get the feeling that you were fostered or adopted, Eric, especially from ‘the place I came from was homogenous’. The ‘spinning around’ made me think of the old party games we used to play. I think you are right, though, that some birthdays mean more than others. ‘Me day’ and forgetting about the number made me smile.

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      1. I agree, erbiage. It is sad, watching little ones having to self distance and wearing masks (to stay safe, of course but it all goes against human nature and the effects on social development could be detrimental.

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