Anthropo Scenery

People in 1918 will wonder (ironically)

How we got here.

How we could accept our affronts

To personal liberty.

They haven’t looked very far ahead yet.

Will we look to our Odoacer as a hero?

Welcome that insurrection as if it is

Springtime? Or have those daffodils

Sprouting in December like that,

Perish, frozen in time while gazing enamored?

Huh? Me? Oh well I don’t know if all that

Is really a problem. I’m safe in my PIP*

With its hot and cold running culture

And my video games, and

The sportsball broadcasts come in fine

For earthweal, and added to open link night at diverse

6 thoughts on “Anthropo Scenery

  1. This is incredibly strong! It vexes me to think that the coming generations will be even more dispassionate than the current one.


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