Teach me little one

What is it that keeps this bird in its cage

Why is it this baby screams all the day long?

Teach me, little one

I’ve tried to be heard but talked my throat hoarse

Help me remember, approach the world with curiosity and wonder


Days roll by with few words, or vignettes blink and are gone, till a prompt stirs and letters fall like rain, and a puddle begins to make sense. A quadrille for the prompt at https://dversepoets.com/2021/05/31/quadrille-129-a-curiosity-of-poems/

19 thoughts on “Teach me little one

  1. This is so beautiful and raw. Those last few lines, breathtaking with that curiosity, wanting to understand, wanting to know this perspective. Shows how we can learn from anyone, really. Brilliant piece here!

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