Tete Katicia said

Those wild brown turkey figs are not ones we should

Be eating, It’s the green ones that are good

And they were magnificent

Hanging off the tree like breasts

Such a sweet softness beneath the skin

The very best ones had leaked their

Nectar in the night and congealed

Glinting like amber in the morning light


For the prompt at inspired by How to Cut a Pomegranate by Imtiaz Dharker

33 thoughts on “Smokva

    1. It was difficult, I wasn’t going to either. I feel like I stole too much of the original. I invite you to give it a try. Is there a fruit you love?


  1. I didn’t taste fresh figs until I was an adult and I fell in love with them. Until then, I had only come across the dried ones my grandparents bought at Christmas. I love the image of them ‘hanging off the tree like breasts’, and ‘glinting like amber in the morning light’.

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  2. Stunning.

    I am a total fig junkie. I’m going crazy waiting for them to get plump and purple enough. I’ll eat 30 at a time, I don’t care. They’re well worth the gluttonous behavior.

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    1. I do not understand her prohibition against the brown ones. she was vehement though. granted they weren’t as good as the green ones, nor as large, but other than that i thought they were fine.

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  3. There was a fig tree in the yard of the home I grew up in … my mother loved figs and managed to make every possible variation of dessert with them … of course, I love them too. Really enjoyed your poem.

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  4. Wow, wow, wow! Such lush language and imagery here 😀 I can’t decide whether I love figs more or your poem! Exquisitely woven 💝💝

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