Moving Day, ii (Dig)

what does the poet’s spade look like?
what coldhearted pointed tool sinks into the dictionary
lifting syllables up into the light?

what of that gardener
who has fallen off the clay piedmont
onto the sandy coastal plain?
(it looked the same till the shovel sank in)

will these poems translate?
will that blueberry bush, who was
limping along year to year,
thrive in this different soil?

20210604 for the challenge at Earthweal, where we look at the work of earthpoetry.
20210610 added to for open link night. Check out our other poets!


18 thoughts on “Moving Day, ii (Dig)

  1. This reminds me of Heaney’s poem ‘Digging.’ I suppose a poet’s spade used to look like a pen and now more often looks like a keyboard. Maybe a poet’s spade looks like a voice…

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  2. Will a change of soils, like heart, translate in poems differently? Same tool, diff’rent maker’s day, poet become gardener, blueberry bush amenned in new soil (though clay to sand is a matter of degree). Indeed. – Brendan

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  3. Well first, you had me with your opening line. I LOVE this post.
    But….I think you forgot to include the tag to dVerse? An inadvertent slip of the keyboard I’m sure. Could you please add either a tag to dVerse or a line at the end of the poem like “posted also at dVerse” with https://dversepoets embedded in a link? Many thanks.

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