Make this home a house

The garden is makeup, a mask

A good front put up by the old house

Guarded by the smiling red capped gnome

Who is only slightly tipsy, not soused

It’s a lot of work to keep that up

Whose hands have worked that loam

Hauled the water and gently dowsed

The flowers vibrant, the mulch doan

What’s festering there behind windows

Perhaps that gentle agony of a surviving spouse

On the dresser still, his comb

How could she miss that old grouse


Two prompts with one pome, I tried to turn the house in to a home, but I lingered too long in it and got stuck. So this is a mirrored refrain And also an outside looking in, but I didn’t get very deep

7 thoughts on “Make this home a house

  1. “What’s festering there behind windows/Perhaps that gentle agony of a surviving spouse,”… this stood out for me in particular! Strong, beautiful and poignant writing 💝💝


  2. As you are linking this up to the Form of Mirrorred Refrain, I have to note that this poem is not structured this way though. This is more like a free form poem, rather than a mirrorred poem. The refrain lines have to be used in each stanza.


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