fortune’s fair

on the feast of St Simeon, we set sail for Flanders
bundles of light wool our good ship held
for the markets there. Celebration in the air
to flanders the wealth of the world wound its way
Our fortunes set on all being fair.


Upon the prompt today, a quadrille using the word ‘fair’ i found myself wanting to include as many of the miriad meanings as i could cram into a mere 44 words. Hardly able to address each in turn, this picture began to emerge. (emergence being another theme of the day’s work for me). Many of Linda’s definitions originated in the middle ages, of which i have a great love. Fair weather is that which is good for sailing, which lead me to the Oseberg ship, and thence on to Cogs which were necessary to the commerce between England and the continent. And so on. I hope you enjoyed my quadrille. Here is the prompt Come join us in the pub. and if you fancy the intricacies of the wool trade, look here: Please note that the feast day of st simeon would probably not have been a good sail, not line up with the faires in flanders. The alliteration was too juicy to deny.


25 thoughts on “fortune’s fair

  1. I like the historic reflections in this poem… All the worlds wealth sailing for France.
    Your poem also took me to the beaches of Normandy on D-Day as well. The metaphors could apply there!
    Well done Eric.

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  2. I love how you captured so much history in this, Eric, as well as the prompt word. 😀 That wool trade was so important. Coincidentally, I was watching something about recreating the dress of the woman in van Eyck’s Arnolfini Portrait, and how it was made from a very expensive special type of English wool fabric that caught the light when draped.

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