Nineteen eighty something spaceman

Things only astronauts have seen

Sights that split you wide open

That sense of awe and wonder

Where everything important falls away

Like a spend rocket stage

No earthbound entity can perceive

Space as anything but empty and


So stare into that void

And turn away from it

Here is the blue marble

So small

So alive

Who among us is not an actor

Playing a role called Me

I’ve got this story about who I am

And what Me means.

There’s a pile of likes

Another of dislikes

And what I can get away with.

Others watch.

Then, curtains and applause.

Which is a huge wind in the ego-sails

That fades, deflates

Then the emptiness becomes harder

To ignore.

The story of who I am that I have

And tell myself, serves, to a point.

The places where it differs with reality

Are where all the problems lie, and

All the difficulties arise.

There are a thousand things the story says are ok

But they’re not.

Your heart knows, your head invents excuses.

In one of us, this battle is waged

But in a group of us, a team

A corporation, a government

Where is the Heart that knows what’s right?

20220119: inspired by earthweal and an Amazon documentary about William shatner. I was only a few months old when we landed on the moon.


14 thoughts on “Nineteen eighty something spaceman

  1. That blue dot which mothered all our selves, oblivious herself to space and in contact effort to balance weave succor and order its own piles of like and dislikes: how can any or all her children do any better than she? Life is just a blue dot in a universe of the unlived, and yet it’s all worth loving. A corporation of rogue hearts. Go figure.

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  2. True words….and the ones who most need to hear are the corporations and governments with no hearts. Tried commenting yesterday – wordpress doesnt like Blogger. Finally got a wordpress account so I can comment. Let’s see if it works.


  3. Such a meaningful and heartfelt message, Eric:

    ‘Your heart knows, your head invents excuses.’

    We need that collective heart of which you speak. I think about this often!


  4. Does Government have a heart? They seem hell bent on proving across the globe that they currently do not. I like the way you draw analogies between the death of the ego and the black voids of space. Maybe it is there that we will find the way forward – with no help from governments.


  5. the vanity and skullduggery and insult that is Citizens United logically extends to, that corporations, as ‘people’, must have hearts.

    of what, it doesn’t say.

    but we might guess, based on what breaks them. ~

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    1. Indeed. I know I was not connected with my heart for a long time. I suspect other individuals have that problem too, but like me they didn’t even know it or see anything wrong.

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