The wild animal catches a whiff
The reptilian brain swift
To stir emotion, motion
The higher brain fills with notion
The heartbeat tide of oceans
Then and when contend
Away from the now they bend
The edge of the cliff is stiff
And so very near!
Clenched in Fear or deep
Into the beer, devotion to
An idea of the world unfurled
Like a flag on a pole, nothing without
Mere wind. We sinned. Out
In a wide world we could get
Away with a great deal
Now it’s too raw to close
To feel. Snared in our own net
Simultaneously reaching and
Recoiling, confusing immediacy
With the present moment.
Headlong! Oh would that we
Had done nothing, pandemically,
Earth shakes off a few million pests.
But would we learn from such
A monstrous teacher?


9 thoughts on “Monster

  1. “Earth shakes off a few pests”, monstrous indeed. Thanks for posting this. Plague and war and greed, all have things to teach us. Some of my New Age friends claim that the Pandemic is a “natural” way to cull the population; case in point the Trump Republicans.

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  2. “Oh would that we had done nothing, pandemically,”.. sigh.. this is an incredibly powerful poem, Eric! I am so glad you posed this! 💝

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  3. “Earth shakes off a few million pests.”
    Its happening but this description is even scarier

    Was happy to hear you read this poem yesterday


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