Tall Oaks

Music begins it all
Music brings the light
Music makes the world
Music *is* the world
(Break it down)
Every particle is only a vibration
Vibration and it’s playing for you now
Even if you don’t want to hear it
Once that seal is broken
I can’t go back in the box
Well of course you can, for what is the box?
Just another song!
So Singh!

That’s where the lion gets his heart from
That right there is your tin man’s grease
So slather that salve all over your self
It is Balm
It is lube
It is an endless battery
So let it bombard you
What will you make with it?

OK so this time
I want to come in from this at the top
And drill down
I am the oak, making acorns

Of course I am!
And didn’t I have it right, all along?
Except one thing.
I have no idea
What I mean
When I say I



12 thoughts on “Tall Oaks

  1. This is wonderful. I read it with delight. Music is indeed the pulse and throb of life. I imagine song was invented by the first cave men and women (and wolves!) And I love the unexpected ending.


  2. Attunement to the *nature* of tall oaks is one that pools us, slowly, to their sea — we don’t so much as lose our thinking *I* (“so Singh!”) as forget it in the grandeur. Who is that *I*, anyway? Who cares! Great response drilling into the challenge.


    1. Thank you so much Brennan. I love the earth weall challenges! Even though I don’t know Waze have a response very thought-provoking which is wonderful

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  3. Excellent! with the perpetual question of which comes first, the music or the inner light. Perhaps the I can remain simply utilitarian, and get out of the way otherwise.


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