seven billion deceased

already! the 16th!
each minute a smaller fraction
of life than the one before.
Time is just one of many lies we create
in trying to cram mystery into logic.
Being heedless of the future is not
‘being in the Now’ though.
theres a thousand places to go from here.
most of them so painful that i must
pretend to not care, as a balm.
Some see it coming, but we keep going.
Google’s AI escaped them, they say
they shut it down.
Robots can do parkour.
will artificial life be able to maintain itself
where its makes were unable to?
Theres been so little snow in the mountains.
no water stored for spring. worrying about that wont help.
The few who remain
will have small huts by the shores
of lake vanda.
Each survivor will have seven to bury
will there be enough earth for that?

20230116 inspired by earthweal


7 thoughts on “seven billion deceased

  1. Powerful and daunting, Eric. Not enough land to bury the dead……..what a world we have made. Yet it is still possible to change if we had inspiring leaders and money was not a god.


  2. Such strong imagery. It is hard to keep caring some days. It seems incredible that we have come to this and still people are denying the reality of climate change. Here in Australia we are experiencing major flooding in many parts of the country. Disasters have been declared in many areas.


  3. Sadly, if we don’t sacrifice our human billions, our artificial magnitude will replace life. (Probably without us.) Poems with eyes to see it and through it are for a healing future, small though it must be. Thanks Eric –


  4. You have definitely hit a chord of truth. I too worry about the mountains as they are usually snow-capped this time of the year. The actual snow fall has been below the normal range here. I wonder what will happen in the spring?


    1. Yeah I was just out in Colorado. There was some snow on the ground but not much. Way less than usual. And only the highest mountains were white…

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